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Introducing Open Chamber


Jason Blasco 

Blasco Says Publicity 

The group Open Chamber was spawned when two talented solo artists, Colb Jakob and Vinny C., started collaborating together in 2008.

Jakob, an already well-established artist in his region, and Vinny C., a young up-and-coming talent himself, sparked a synergistic relationship instantly in the studio.

“Pretty much we are both individual artists, and at one point, we are both just doing our thing (as solo recording artists),” Jakobs said. “We linked up in 2008 and went on the track with a bunch of different people featured. He and I just liked what each other did. We both shared some ideas outside of our songs and pretty much went from there.”
The two combined their song writing talents and knack for writing melodic hooks into the group called Open Chamber.

Vinny C. credits Jakob for shaping the group’s sound.

“I think, for at least me, when I was coming up in the music industry Colb kind of took me under his wing being more experienced in the business than me,” Vinny C said. “He had a great reputation in our home town and he taught me some things. I guess we meshed well together to write music together.”

The symbiotic relationship the two developed and the maturity of their song writing can be heard on their latest single “Higher.” On “Higher,” they successfully fused a melting pot of musical influences creating this highly-catchy formulaic pop hit.

“You can really pick out the similarity in what we do, and I learned a lot from (Jakob) over the years,” Vinny said. “In my earlier songs, I didn’t have big hooks and melodies. Now I try to incorporate them all of the time.”

The songwriting process for the two doesn’t take long as together they have amassed a repository of an estimated 400 songs.

“It literally takes us like 15 minutes (to write a song),” Vinny C. said. “Then, we usually have a good feel for what we are going to do for the rest of the song.”

Both performers were gifted not only with writing hooks but also blessed with an entrepreneurial psyche to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the music business.

The business aspect of the industry was kept in mind even when they decided on their name.

“There are a lot of different reasons behind the name,” Vinny explains. “With the song, it has multiple interpretations. It could mean an Open Heart Chamber to a gun. There is a wide range of what it could mean to an individual. What it means to one person could mean something totally different to you.”

The two have a multitude of musical influences because neither one ever locked themselves into listening to one particular style of music.

“Jay-Z was a huge influence for me,” Jakob explains. “I would also have to say Andre three stacks (3000) when he came out with “Hey Ya.” It was so innovative at the time, he’s dope, and it let me know that you could make good music regardless of who you are or where you come from.”

For Vinny C., he had similar tastes to Jakob but his first introduction to the game were lyrics.

“For me growing up, I was never short on hearing what was hot at the time,” Vinny said. “I was a huge NWA and Ice Cube fan. I transitioned my music listening to Jadakiss, Bone ThugzJay-Z, NasR. KellyOutkast and groups like that. It was a huge transition when Outkast started blowing up and they really influenced me. I was a huge fan of their big hooks and big songs.”

Jakob has reason to be confident after their latest single generated close to 50,000 You Tube streams.

“Right now, we are laying the foundations by working and talking with major players in the game,“ Jakob said. “Now, we are keeping everything on a business level. We are taking care of the music and getting it out there ASAP.”

With the hype surrounding their single “Higher,” the two are looking forward to pushing themselves to the forefront of the music scene in 2016.

“We have a lot of music locked up in the safe man, no question about that,” Jakob subtly and vehemently declared. “Even songs we haven’t recorded that are already written. Next time we see each other, it’s straight to business.”

Jason Blasco, Blasco Says Publicity  


(Photo by Antoinette Riley Campbell)

Several years ago, Blasco Says had musical aspirations but choose not to pursue them because of his commitment to his career as a journalist.

Starting his sports and music journalist career at the age of 19 years old, Blasco Says had an opportunity to interview notable names in several sports venues including: Albert Pujols, Jason HaywardOzzie SmithSteve Sabol (NFL Films), Ryne SandbergAlex Gordon, WNBA player Penny Taylor, Wayne Gretzky, and Steve Nash, as well as several others.

In 2005, Blasco began his career as a music journalist and publicist and interviewed several notable names including: Lady Gaga, Tom DeLonge (Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves), The Knux, Boney James, and Big Caz, as well as several other notable groups.

Prior to becoming an artist, Blasco Says also was listed as the executive producer for V-Nek’s Robb’n Hood album that was published in 2011. V-Nek’s Robb’n Hood album included features from noteworthy acts such as: Trina, Cassidy, and R. Kelly . The album was produced by notable hip hop producer Issue-Ima-Beast ((Cassidy, Exchange Currency Records, Cash Money) and released under his indy imprint Exchange Currency in conjunction with Blasco’s own publicity firm Blasco Says Publicity.

Now focused on his musical venture for his full-fledged retail release set for digital release on Jan. 26, 2016 titled Space The Rainbow, Blasco is ready to make his debut as a recording artist.

Blasco’s Space The Rainbow release is an all encompassing album that includes subtle commentary on the ever-changing environment within the United States intermingled with comedy skits and notable features.

Blasco Says has several well-known names on Space The Rainbow including: ASAP Ferg, JuvenileSno Tha Product, AshantiOG Macoand Shyne.

“I wanted this project to be a subtle commentary on social acceptance and format it in an entertaining way for the the listening audience to enjoy,” Blasco said. “This particular project in a round-about way is about the social changes we’ve made in the United States as a society in the last couple of years. I want my audience to think, laugh, cry, and enjoy themselves on this record. Hence, the title: Space The Rainbow.

Introducing RedyFire

By Jason Blasco 

Blasco Says Publicity

Redyfire developed an affinity for R&B and hip hop at an early age.

Redyfire cultivated his knack for the two genres entering talent shows in the fiercely-competitive and musically eclectic atmosphere of Chicago’s Southside neighborhood Englewood, Illinois.

“I’ve been influenced by early hip hop and R&B, and I’ve been a big music fan all of my life,” Redyfire explained. “Growing up in Chicago was pretty rough. I lost a lot of friends coming up but at the same time, I maintained my sanity.”

He was heavily influenced by the rhythmic and melodic sounds of popular R&B groups like Jodeci and solo acts such as Silk.

“When I started signing R&B, I just kind of fell in love with the music and decided to go full force with it and give the music a shot.”

At a very young age, Redyfire began collaborating with a group called 1200, and during his time with 1200, they gained a lot of local recognition by winning talent shows.

After the group’s disbandment, Daniels pursued his solo career as a recording artist becoming the talent and the act many are familiar with today.

The birth of a solo name came from accredited producer Issue-Ima-Beast (CassidyExchange Currency RecordsCash Money).

“I was sitting in the studio with Issue and I started listening to some songs when I heard something pertaining to fire and Issue asked me if I was ready?” Daniels said. “I told myself ‘that is what I am going to call myself, Redyfire. Its crazy how it sounds but that is how I came up with it, it was a spur of the moment thing.”

Though Redyfire has worked on musical production and been involved in several musical credits in the past 10 years, he has still never made his full-fledged retail product debut.

“I have never had an official retail product but now is my time. I am looking to technically make my debut,” Redyfire said. “There will be some pretty big artists on my album and it will contain something modern with a little bit of old school jams mixed up so I can change it up a little bit.”

Mixing a crafty and calculating entrepreneurial psyche with world class musical talent molded by a top-grade producer Issue-Ima-Beast is a combination of circumstances that will soon make Redyfire a household name.

“I am just trying to put my best foot forward and move,“ Redyfire said. “I’ve been ready to do this project for a while and when (Issue) called me, I put (the project) together and will see what happens.”

Jason Blasco, Blasco Says Publicity

Kreayshawn hits a homerun with major label single




幸いにも、Kreayshawn彼女は、 “基本的な雌犬”ではありません、あなたが今、彼女を呼び出すことができます彼女の宣言に恥じない”Kreayヘフナー…プレイボーイバニー。”

彼女の最初のシングル、”朝食”(シロップ)、 “フィート2 Chainzは、Kreayは騒々しいと確信している間の微妙なバランスを見つけKreay棚に8月14日にヒットする予定バウト彼女のメジャーレーベル·デビュー·何に至るまで。

コロンビア·レコードとの$120万ドルの契約に署名して以来初めてのビデオは、よりポピー、予測、およびformuliacヒットから成功した離婚である “グッチ、グッチ。”

アップサザンラップヘビー級2 Chainzのチームは、sucessfully Chainzは彼の特徴でadaquate賛辞であることができ、より低音駆動型、hyponotic、ミッドテンポのビートに合わせて流れるように彼女の能力を示していますKreay、。


美しく設計と生産のトラックが不正利得とコーラスでmobbingている “IIIIIは、すべてのシロップを得た、私が得た-Iは、すべてのシロップを得た

私はすべてのシロップを得た、私が得た、私はすべてのシロップを得た”supercalifragilisticbraggadociousで、マイクのアルファになる能力は、精査から、ほとんどのレコーディング·アーティストは恥ずかしがり屋の日に爽やかです。 Kreayshawnは、大胆な荘園で、それのためにドアワイドオープンを残します。

Kreayshawn hits a homerun with major label single


By Jason Blasco

Of GorillaLeak.com 

Blasco Says Publicity

Following up the awe-inspiring single “Gucci, Gucci,” that garnered 35 million You Tube hits and introduced the world to thrift store swaggin’ of Kreayshawn’s native Bay Area is a monumental task for any recording artist.

Fortunately, Kreayshawn lives up to her proclamation she’s not a “basic bitch,” and you can now call her “Kreay Hefner…Playboy bunny.”   In her first single, “Breakfast,” (Syrup),”  ft.  2 Chainz, Kreay finds the delicate balance between being boisterous and confident leading up to her major label début Something Bout Kreay slated to hit shelves Aug. 14.

The first video since signing a $1.2 million dollar deal with Columbia Records is a successful divorce from the more poppy, predictable, and formulaic hit “Gucci, Gucci.”  Kreay, who teams up with southern rap heavyweight 2 Chainz,  successfully demonstrates her ability to flow on a more bass-driven, hypnotic, mid-tempo beat enables Chainz  an adequate compliment in his feature.   Listeners into the politically consciousness lyrics that make a statement will be left disappointed. However, those who are into not so subtle drug references that is a an aggressive answer to critics who have attacked her angles questioning her involvement in the competitive landscape of hip hop.

The beautifully engineered and produced track is swagging and mobbing with the chorus “I-I-I-I-I got all the syrup, I got- I got all the syrup,   I got all the syrup, I got- I got all the syrup,” is supercalifragilisticbraggadocious and the showcases Kreayshawn’s ability to be an alpha on the mic is refreshing in a day when most recording artist shy from scrutiny. Kreayshawn, in a daring manner, leaves the door wide open for it.


レコーディングアーティストKreayshawnは、カメラの背後にあるパーソナルアシスタントTragik日本の彼女のツアーでの経験を文書化します。最近コロンビアレコードと$120万ドルの契約を締結しKreayshawnは、文字通り “、グッチ、グッチ”のみ彼女の最初のヒットの勢いを構築しないよう日本の回路を引き裂いただけでなく、夏に設定された彼女の今後のデビューアルバムの興奮を作成するtenatively”Kreayについて何かを。”と題したリリースを ブラスコのジェイソン·ブラスコ、創始者は、広報を言う

Jason Blasco, Blasco Says Publicity

Kreayshawn goes to Japan:

Part No. 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDGgFVYuClc&list=UUP4vIL84k78_tAM–K9hPtQ&index=2&feature=plcp

Part No. 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxVCFjQ_iKw&list=UUP4vIL84k78_tAM–K9hPtQ&index=1&feature=plcp

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