KJ has produced, engineered and mastered over 250 songs for various artists including some of his own music that was performed by him as well, which led to the development of his company 2 Tight Records & Entertainment in 2001, where he and co-founder Brent Bailey built a studio in Central Arkansas and successfully produced music. He has worked and recorded in studios like Conway Studios in Los Angeles, CA and credits Ivar Hagberg for introducing him to the music business in Los Angeles, CA – He has also worked along side of Tim Shafer (The Voice of Marvin Martian) on several projects that as produced for the 2005 NCAA National Championship game, as well as recorded and produced voice-over talents for various projects, including the voice for FORD commercials voice-over talent Darren Polish, current owner of http://www.teenfaze.com.

After years of working in the entertainment industry KJ was inspired by a colleague to start blogging about current events, music industry related business and online gaming, which led to the start of The Today With KJ Show – A internet only video, blogging and music related site created in 2009 to create content to help promote, market and push musical artists through RSS feeds around several related industry networks. He has written hundreds of articles on the internet related to the entertainment industry including – online gaming, music and other various industry related topics. The Today With KJ Show has attracted several main stream artists, Radio DJ’s and unsigned artists, as well as magazines like The Source, Hip Hop Magazine and Vibe. KJ continues to promote and market music related business by being the voice for the industry, as well as mentor to those who are starting to travel down that career path. KJ has been quoted as the “Ryan Seacrest of the Internet” when asked about his response to that he quotes, “Ryan is cool, I like him.” KJ has a humble spirit, dedicated heart and determination that keeps him going strong in this industry. For more information about KJ go to http://www.todaywithkj.com or email him at kj@todaywithkj.com.