The last thing the digital landscape needs is another habitual blog devoted to music and pop culture.
While promoting various recording artist’s projects, it didn’t take long for music publicist and sports journalist Jason Blasco to detect the saturated market place after he observed the cluster of websites on the World Wide Web.
Overwhelmed by a marketplace log jammed with information, and blessed with an entrepreneurial psyche, Blasco meticulously conducted market research. Through his investigation of the industry, he developed a comprehensive repository to gain a thorough understanding of the consumer of music and those involved with the multiple vortex of musical production.
Through learning, studying, and conducting research during this six-year musical journey, this gave Blasco a unique vantage to utilize his abilities and perspective as a young journalist to deliver the news about up-and-coming recording artists of all genres with a unique, historical twist, and an outside the box approach and editorial content that is the quintessential definition of Blasco Says Publicity.