(Photo by Antoinette Riley Campbell)

Several years ago, Blasco Says had musical aspirations but choose not to pursue them because of his commitment to his career as a journalist.

Starting his sports and music journalist career at the age of 19 years old, Blasco Says had an opportunity to interview notable names in several sports venues including: Albert Pujols, Jason HaywardOzzie SmithSteve Sabol (NFL Films), Ryne SandbergAlex Gordon, WNBA player Penny Taylor, Wayne Gretzky, and Steve Nash, as well as several others.

In 2005, Blasco began his career as a music journalist and publicist and interviewed several notable names including: Lady Gaga, Tom DeLonge (Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves), The Knux, Boney James, and Big Caz, as well as several other notable groups.

Prior to becoming an artist, Blasco Says also was listed as the executive producer for V-Nek’s Robb’n Hood album that was published in 2011. V-Nek’s Robb’n Hood album included features from noteworthy acts such as: Trina, Cassidy, and R. Kelly . The album was produced by notable hip hop producer Issue-Ima-Beast ((Cassidy, Exchange Currency Records, Cash Money) and released under his indy imprint Exchange Currency in conjunction with Blasco’s own publicity firm Blasco Says Publicity.

Now focused on his musical venture for his full-fledged retail release set for digital release on Jan. 26, 2016 titled Space The Rainbow, Blasco is ready to make his debut as a recording artist.

Blasco’s Space The Rainbow release is an all encompassing album that includes subtle commentary on the ever-changing environment within the United States intermingled with comedy skits and notable features.

Blasco Says has several well-known names on Space The Rainbow including: ASAP Ferg, JuvenileSno Tha Product, AshantiOG Macoand Shyne.

“I wanted this project to be a subtle commentary on social acceptance and format it in an entertaining way for the the listening audience to enjoy,” Blasco said. “This particular project in a round-about way is about the social changes we’ve made in the United States as a society in the last couple of years. I want my audience to think, laugh, cry, and enjoy themselves on this record. Hence, the title: Space The Rainbow.