By Jason Blasco
Blasco Says Publicity

If there was ever a declaration that a new artist has emerged, then AC Killer’s “112 Bar Cypher” is an exclamation point to the young up-and-comer’s career.

AC demonstrates his trademark delivery and style, and combines it with his fresh and authentic flow.

Killer’s “112 bar cypher” is a journey through his career, his life and everything he embodies that is eloquently  compacted into a six minute, six second video.

What makes this video captivating is the intermediate balance he showcases between his vocal intensity and smooth delivery. 

AC pays homage to his heroes, shouts out to his native and bravely demonstrates his ability to flow with some of the best vocalists in the game.

Through this epic, black and white video, Killer lives up to his dramatic entrance pulling up in his a rare limited production collector’s edition Cadillac XLR, based off the Corvette platform, with smoke blowing beneath his feet like he is about to run. He is making his entrance like a super star boxer before he clutches, controls and demonstrates his uncanny ability to rock the mic. 

In “112 Cypher,” AC successfully demonstrates a style that is unique to himself and his native home of LA. Killer puts himself in rare atmosphere demonstrating his ability to rap 112 bars, and he also showcases his versatility by having his producer Heinz change the beat and the tempo midway through this soon-to-be classic. 

With “112 bar cypher,” AC Killer has cemented himself in a genre that has become more competitive than ever, and rose above to carve his own niche. He makes a declarative statement that AC Killer and his CNO Souljah’z have arrived. AC Killer “112 Bar Cypher” video