By Jason Blasco


Blasco Says Publicity

Following up the awe-inspiring single “Gucci, Gucci,” that garnered 35 million You Tube hits and introduced the world to thrift store swaggin’ of Kreayshawn’s native Bay Area is a monumental task for any recording artist.

Fortunately, Kreayshawn lives up to her proclamation she’s not a “basic bitch,” and you can now call her “Kreay Hefner…Playboy bunny.”   In her first single, “Breakfast,” (Syrup),”  ft.  2 Chainz, Kreay finds the delicate balance between being boisterous and confident leading up to her major label début Something Bout Kreay slated to hit shelves Aug. 14.

The first video since signing a $1.2 million dollar deal with Columbia Records is a successful divorce from the more poppy, predictable, and formulaic hit “Gucci, Gucci.”  Kreay, who teams up with southern rap heavyweight 2 Chainz,  successfully demonstrates her ability to flow on a more bass-driven, hypnotic, mid-tempo beat enables Chainz  an adequate compliment in his feature.   Listeners into the politically consciousness lyrics that make a statement will be left disappointed. However, those who are into not so subtle drug references that is a an aggressive answer to critics who have attacked her angles questioning her involvement in the competitive landscape of hip hop.

The beautifully engineered and produced track is swagging and mobbing with the chorus “I-I-I-I-I got all the syrup, I got- I got all the syrup,   I got all the syrup, I got- I got all the syrup,” is supercalifragilisticbraggadocious and the showcases Kreayshawn’s ability to be an alpha on the mic is refreshing in a day when most recording artist shy from scrutiny. Kreayshawn, in a daring manner, leaves the door wide open for it.